Think Positively of Almighty God In All Situations

When we go through life, we obviously deal with hardship. And we deal with ease as well. But when we face hardship, we should not automatically think of it as a punishment from Almighty God. Nor should we think that Almighty God has left us to suffer. There are many cases of people who used to be people of faith but they abandoned their faith in Almighty God because they went through difficult struggles.

This is often due to not knowing enough about Almighty God and His Commands. And as a result of this lack of knowledge, people often don’t think well of Almighty God. With this in mind, it is very important to always remember that Almighty God has a plan for all of us. And He is the Best of Planners. Even if we don’t understand His Plan, we must trust that His Plan is best.

If you deal with hardship, then just remember it’s part of Almighty God’s Plan. What I personally have found helps me with remembering this is to just say, “It’s the Decree of Almighty God,” no matter how bad the situation is. Just a little small reminder to ourselves makes a lot of difference in how we perceive the situation.

This is the epitome of positive thinking. And this is one of the best ways we can begin to better submit ourselves to the Will of Almighty God. Remember He put us on this Earth to worship Him Alone without partners. Without submitting to Almighty God, our lives are completely meaningless. But once we submit ourselves to Almighty God in accordance with what He wants, our lives will become meaningful and we can become content with whatever comes our way.

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