Stay Away from Nike Products and Here’s Why!

We’ve all seen the famous check mark logo that is the Nike brand. We’ve seen it on shoes, on t-shirts, in malls, and even on our TV screens. It’s a widely known brand. But did you know the famous check mark logo is also rooted in polytheistic symbolism? Yes, it’s true. Nike was the so-called goddess of victory in ancient Greek mythology. And for several years, many Muslims especially those in the field of inviting people to Islam have been saying this and they were labeled as too extreme. I myself was unaware of the reality of this until I did some simple research.

And now today, even Nike has acknowledged this publicly on a new set of products and are actually selling “Goddess of Victory” merchandise. If you don’t believe me, see this picture below saved directly from the web page for a shirt being sold on Nike’s official website. (I added the circle to point out exactly what I’m referring to.)

And no, this is not a Photoshop job. Below is the original image as proof.

This is highly problematic for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is essentially glorifying a pagan goddess, which is completely contrary to the way of the truth. And the truth is that there is only One True God. There is none worthy of worship except the One Almighty God, and Muhammad is the Final Prophet and Messenger of Almighty God.

Second, what example does this give to our children when we wear this kind of apparel glorifying polytheism? Not a good one. I’m all for bringing unity but only unity based on the truth. I am not for uniting with falsehood. For this reason, if you have Nike products, either throw them out or dispose of them. If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, then don’t wear them. Not in public or even in your homes when your family is around.

If we want our children to grow up knowing the truth, which is that Almighty God is One and One Only without any partnership, then we have to have complete and total opposition and hatred of the greatest crime of all against God: making any kind partnership with Him in any way at all. This doesn’t mean we should mistreat people who do associate partnership with Almighty God. It just means we should not want or have anything to do with this crime against God.

Remember that polytheism is extremely dangerous. When we have the utter nerve to say that the All-Powerful Creator of the entire universe had a partner among His creation, that is COMPLETE heresy! It’s the worst crime anyone can do against His Eternal Might and Eternal Power! It’s utter blasphemy! And it’s so serious that even the mountains and the trees want to cease to exist out of astonishment to such a statement.

And where does this kind of polytheism start? With small things like glorifying the goddess of victory even if we don’t believe in a goddess of victory. Remember that Satan doesn’t come at you telling you to commit polytheism right way. He grooms people slowly until they are misguided. He starts small and builds his way up until you aren’t even a believer anymore in what Almighty God revealed. And remember that Satan is the ultimate enemy to mankind. Nothing he gives us is true. All he gives us are false promises and lies.

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