What Kobe Bryant’s Death Tells Us All

Kobe Bryant was a good man no doubt. He affected the lives of thousands of people, maybe millions. Mostly in a positive way. His death and the fairly young age of 41 was indeed a tragedy. But death for anyone, whether they’re a celebrity or not, should not come as a surprise. After all, death is inevitable for everyone.

Many of us often forget that our time on this Earth is only a short layover on the flight to the Hereafter. In other words, this life is short and limited. And anyone who has any spiritual insight can tell you that it’s what you do in this life that determines what happens to you in the next life.

Kobe Bryant had what most people can only dream of. Tons of money, fame, a brilliant career, and more. However, death does not care about that. When our time comes to board the flight to the next part of that trip to the Hereafter, there’s no escaping it.

Bryant probably had no idea that he was going to die in that helicopter crash. He probably wasn’t prepared to die. And that’s exactly my point. Many of us don’t prepare for death. One thing we need to realize is that Almighty God put us on this Earth as a test. Again, it’s what we do in this life that determines whether we pass that test and make it to eternal bliss in Paradise, or whether we fail that test and make it to eternal torment in the Hellfire.

Part of the test in life is to learn from our mistakes and stop doing them. And the absolute worst mistake one can do is to associate partners with Almighty God. In fact, this act of associating partnership with the Creator (a sin that is known as shirk) is so dangerous that it actually nullifies any good you do in this life.

Imagine: you could do all the good in the world. You could even be the most loving and generous individual alive. However, if you commit shirk and die in that condition of shirk, then none of your good deeds will matter because that’s how serious it is to say or believe that the One and Only All-Powerful Creator of the entire universe had a partner among His limited and imperfect creation.

So it’s not just about doing good acts. It’s also about refusing to do bad acts. Especially this act of associating partners with God. This is the greatest crime against Almighty God. Therefore we need to reflect and think very hard about whether we are living a life where God is pleased with us.

Now I don’t know what Kobe Bryant’s beliefs at heart were. Maybe he believed in the pure Oneness of God. Maybe he believed God had a son. At the end of the day, Almighty God knows best. But one thing is for sure: God will have the final say in whether Bryant gets Paradise or Hellfire. He’s no longer here in this life.

But for those who are still here, it’s time we start reflecting and thinking about what it is we’ve been taught to believe. Are we going to believe Almighty God had a begotten son who died? Or are we going to believe the natural belief we’re born with that God is One and One Only, without the need for any partners?

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