Work to Please the Creator, Not the Creation

In this day and age of mass media and social media, we are constantly putting ourselves out there. As a result of this, we are often doing things to please the people or not doing them out of fear of what people think of us. It’s all about pleasing those around us.

However, in the days of the Prophets of Almighty God, they didn’t care about offending their followers. They didn’t care about following the status quo. No, they cared about pleasing the One who created us all and who created all that we see and all that we don’t see: Almighty God.

And sadly, these Prophets suffered for it…a lot. They were mocked, ridiculed, mistreated, tortured, and so much more. Some where even outright killed. All because they stood up and told their followers to only worship the One Almighty God and to stop worshipping anything in the creation. However, they didn’t care what people thought of them or did to them. They did what God sent them to do: call to the worship of God Alone without partners.

Remember that the Prophets were sent by Almighty God with a message. Thus, what they taught is how we as human beings are supposed to follow. And the core message remained the same for every Prophet: worship the Creator alone, not the creation. If they taught this message at the risk of their reputations and their lives, then why do we care what people think of the clothes we wear or of the fact we pray to God Alone?

Bottom line: the only One whose opinion is worthy of us caring about is the One who gave life in the first place: Almighty God. The people around us are specks in this universe just as we are. They’re not worthy for us to care about what they think of us. What matters is what God thinks of us. Be proud to worship God Alone. If He is pleased with us, then we are good to go. As long as we have Him on our side, we have all that we need. Almighty God is sufficient for us now and forever.

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