Don’t Get Angry

Let’s face it. We’ve all probably been angry at some point. Some of us probably have even lost our temper and said things we later regretted immensely. Having anger is normal. It’s part of being a human being to have emotions. But what we do to handle those emotions is what makes us better or worse than others, especially in terms of anger.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon him, said once in a narration attributed to him that the strong man is not the one who’s good at wrestling but the one who controls his anger. In another narration, one of his companions asked him for advice. And the Prophet Muhammad responded: “Do not get angry.” When the companion kept asking, the Prophet kept giving the same answer: do not get angry.

Having anger is normal. What we do with that anger is what can make our situation either much worse or much easier to cope with. Quick story: recently, I was driving to work meeting after a delayed doctor’s appointment and I was already behind schedule. And there was traffic. Well I got so frustrated that I was honking and saying things I usually never would consider saying.

After some time, I took a deep breath and put it in God’s hands. And I calmed down. If I had done that earlier, though, no feelings may have gotten hurt most likely. And in the end, I still made it on time to the meeting. But my anger didn’t make my car go any faster. It didn’t make traffic get any lighter.

Sometimes we let our anger overcome us in difficult situations. When that happens, just take a deep breath or even a few. And just remember that whatever is happening is because God willed it. And He is the Best of Planners. It’s the Decree of Almighty God. If you just remind yourself that, then it can help you be much more content with the situation at hand. But getting angry and lashing out is irrational and doesn’t solve anything.

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