Four Reasons Why Men SHOULD Let their Beards Grow

Let’s be honest: for many people in today’s society, having a long beard is viewed as gross or unprofessional. Some even view it as extreme. But the truth is…none of the above are true. In fact, it is actually healthier and more manly-looking to have a beard.

Here are four reasons why men SHOULD let their beards grow out.

First of all, it’s manly. Look at it this way: can a woman grow a beard? No. (Well, not unless she’s got some unusually high levels of testosterone pumping through her veins. And that generally doesn’t happen with women.) So having a beard actually distinguishes a man from a woman in a way that is clear and apparent. I have seen so many men who are clean shaven to such an extent that when I meet them for the first time I can’t tell if they’re a man or a woman.

Second, it’s healthy. Many recent studies have actually indicated that it’s healthier for a man to leave his beard long. Among these benefits, a long beard is warm during winter; it protects against the sun’s harmful radiation; it reduces facial bacteria; and more.

Third, it follows the prophetic example. Simply put, by leaving your beard to grow, you’re following what God commanded His Prophets to do. Though it may seem strange in today’s society, all of Almighty God’s Prophets let their facial hair grow. This is because the Prophets were commanded to do so through divine revelation. Though there may have been some differences here and there, one commonality seems to be that they all had uncut beards.

Fourth and finally, by not having a beard, you’re openly defying the message of the Prophets. And this is wrong. Remember that the Prophets were the examples for us to follow. What they taught is the divine message. It is the Ultimate Truth. If they had a beard, then we as men today should too. Even if you’re unable to let it grow very long due to your follicles not producing hair fast enough, then so be it. But don’t shave it just because it is only a little bit of fuzz here and there. If we do shave it, then it’s sinning openly.

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