Arrogance is a Type of Satanism

When we walk on the Earth with pride or to show off how important we think we are, this is a major sign of arrogance. And arrogance is a sign of evil being prevalent in our lives. But where did arrogance first come from? To get the answer, we need to go back in time to just before the creation of mankind.

When the fiery demon known as Satan was created, he was initially a devoted servant of Almighty God. But when Almighty God created the first human being and commanded the angels to prostrate to this human who was named Adam, Satan became arrogant. And he refused God’s command.

Satan’s excuse was that he was created from fire while Adam was made from clay so Satan felt he was better. As a result of this, Satan was expelled from Paradise and became a sworn enemy of Almighty God and of mankind.

Satan was expelled from Paradise because of his defiance of God. And his defiance was rooted in arrogance. Those who have an arrogant mentality are essentially following Satan’s example. So to act in an arrogant way is to act in a satanic way.

Even if we don’t intend to follow Satan, that’s what we end up doing when we act arrogantly like he did. And we know how that ended up for him. Likewise, when we disobey Almighty God’s commands, we are following Satan’s way even if it’s out of mere ignorance.

It’s often said nowadays that ignorance is bliss. This is not true at all, though. We have a responsibility as believers in Almighty God to study God’s Law and to follow His Law to the best of our ability. And there are plenty of resources at our disposal to study God’s Commands.

The most important thing to study to know God’s Law is the Noble Qur’an. Read it. Study it. Reflect on its meaning. Then there is the life and example of the last and final Messenger of Almighty God, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him. There are thousands of narrations attributed to the Prophet so read them!

Let’s not be satanic and act like we know everything. Let’s not follow Satan out of ignorance or use that ignorance as an excuse. The reality is, we have no excuse to not study the way of life that God sent for mankind. That way of life is known as Islam. The universal message for all of us to follow.

In closing, let’s make the right choice here. Let’s not follow Satan even inadvertently; let’s follow Almighty God and His Messenger. Let’s not fight against Almighty God and His Messenger; let’s fight FOR Almighty God and His Messenger. God is the One who will give us victory. God is the One who will make us successful. Both in this life and the next life!

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