Are You in the Company of God’s Messenger?

There seems to be a common pattern when we as Muslims call to the way of tawheed, which was also the prophetic methodology. Tawheed, of course, refers to the Oneness of Almighty God. It just means that there is nothing worthy of worship except the One Almighty God.

The pattern appears to be as follows:

• Call to the way of tawheed as the way to bring back the Caliphate; get mocked as being a madkhali by the group known as al-khawarij.

• Call to the way of tawheed to free Palestine, Kashmir, etc.; get mocked as being a pacifist by so-called activists who prefer protesting against oppression.

• Call to the way of tawheed to explain why homosexuality is wrong and why gay people should resist their homosexual desires; get mocked as being intolerant by activists in the progressive movement.

For those who are unaware, “madkhali” is a derogatory term used to belittle for those who turn to the scholars for understanding the religion rather than their own interpretations. The term is based on a prominent Islamic scholar from recent times, Rabi Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhali.

Additionally, al-khawarij is an Arabic term used to describe extremists who rebel against the rulers. It is related to the term “khurooj” which refers to rebelling, whether it’s using words or actual weapons. (Linguistically, the two terms have different meanings but the meanings described here are the theological meanings.)

Well let’s not forget: the Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him, called to this very same thing, tawheed, for the first 13 years of his prophethood! Even while his companions were tortured and killed, he still spoke almost exclusively about worshiping God without partners and for patience among his companions when dealing with oppression. They focused on growing in their faith and on worshiping Almighty God without associating partners with God. They did not focus on protesting or rebelling at all.

Well, the Prophet, peace and God’s blessings be upon him, was mocked by many people too. He was mocked as crazy. He was mocked as a liar. He was mocked as being a magician. All because he called to tawheed. So when we call to tawheed, in many ways we’re in the company of the Messenger of Almighty God. And that’s the best company to be in.

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