What Are You Doing for the Truth?

It’s a common sight to see in the West. Those Bible-waving preachers shouting the message of their churches to spread their beliefs. These preachers usually have no problem preaching alone. Even though these preachers are spreading misguidance. Why is what they’re spreading misguidance?

Well, such preachers are spreading shirk by claiming Almighty God had a begotten son! This act called shirk, by the way, is a hugely dangerous and heretical act because it’s associating partners with the One Almighty God. And these evangelical preachers are saying God needed a partner to save humans from their sins, which is nothing but polytheism! It is lowering Almighty God to the level of His creation. It is saying He is limited.

But what’s also problematic is this: we as believers in pure monotheism and as people who reject shirk in all its forms are generally doing nothing to counter the misguided speech of these preachers. We might try to set a good example, but what are we doing to actively promoted the truth and to teach the people what the truth actually is???

As I stated, these preachers of misguidance have no problem preaching alone. Why can’t we as believers in Islamic monotheism have the same level of confidence? Think about it now. Do we know Islam is the truth? Yes. Do we want others to follow Islam? Yes. Do we want to have more reward for when we get to Paradise? Yes. Well, then we need to share the message of Islam to the world!

Some might argue that they’re too shy. Too shy about what? What people will think? Guess what: people’s opinions of us aren’t what will determine whether we make it to Paradise. Rather it’s Almighty God that determines that. And we know this act of calling people to Islam will make Almighty God happy because God commanded us to invite to His Way in the Noble Qur’an in chapter 16, verse 125. If you are just terrified of public speaking, then pass out leaflets about Islam and have some conversations about it.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and go do your part to share the truth. You don’t have to be a preacher but just be a good Muslim and tell the people what Islam is. And remember who you’re doing this for: Almighty God. In the end, it has never been you or me who has guided anyone to the truth. Our job is just to give the message to the people. But Almighty God is the One who guides to His Straight Path.

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