The Coronavirus Pandemic is Spreading, But Why?

In recent weeks, we have seen this virus known as the coronavirus go from just being a handful of isolated cases in China to being a huge global pandemic that has killed thousands of people. But why is this happening so fast or even at all? And what can we do to avoid getting infected with the virus?

Firstly, in regards to why this is happening, it’s because Almighty God willed for this. People are panicking over this virus. But remember this virus is happening only because God willed it. And since Almighty God willed it, it means He did so for a good reason.

Maybe God wanted to punish the Chinese for their treatment of the Uighur Muslims in occupied East Turkestan. Or maybe He wanted the world to turn back to Him in worship by reminding us that death could come at any moment. Regardless, we just don’t know the reason God had. But we do know that God willed it. And there is divine wisdom in it.

Almighty God sends trials upon the world when people turns their backs on Him. It can be in a number of forms: war, disease, etc. But just as wars can be resolved, diseases can be cured by Almighty God’s Will. As the Messenger Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him, said in a number of authentic narrations, “For every disease, God has sent a cure for it.” The only exception, of course, is death.

So what is the cure? Well, the quickest way to answer is that Almighty God knows best. But there are things we can certainly do to protect ourselves from this pandemic. Take precautions such as washing your hands thoroughly and exercising good personal hygiene. Be sure to regularly disinfect commonly used surfaces with disinfectant spray or wipes. This is especially true nowadays with electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets!

Additionally, there’s one more step that will ensure these other steps are effective to begin with: have full trust in Almighty God and maintain your obligations to Him to the fullest! This includes acts of worship such as prayer. Ask Almighty God for His protection from this disease. And remember it’s not the medicine or the cleaning products that can eliminate the coronavirus. Rather it’s Almighty God who can eliminate it! So put your ultimate trust in Him.

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