Why the #Coronavirus Pandemic is a Blessing

It may seem counterintuitive. After all, how can something that is causing death and wreaking havoc worldwide possibly be a blessing? Well, just bear with me as I give a few reasons as to just how this actually is the case with the coronavirus pandemic.

Firstly, if Almighty God wanted to wipe us all of the face of the Earth, He could have done so instantly. But instead, He didn’t. That means He wants us to return to submitting to Him and Him Alone in worship. The mere fact that God is giving us a chance is a blessing and a sign of his unending mercy.

Additionally, things like water sprayers for the bathroom (known as bidets) are in high demand along with other things to clean ourselves with. This was not common before this pandemic. Well, those of us who worship Almighty God without partners (those known as Muslims) have been doing this for centuries.

Before this pandemic, anytime we as Muslims would wash ourselves for prayer or before leaving the toilet, it was considered weird or unusual. Even washing our rear ends with water was considered gross, even though it’s actually much cleaner and healthier. But now, non-Muslims are following the same hygienic practices we’ve been doing as part of Islam for hundreds of years.

Even things like wearing face coverings, letting beards grow, and not participating in unnecessary social gatherings was considered bizarre. Now it’s quite common in the midst of this pandemic. Well, both Almighty God and the Messenger of God (the Prophet Muhammad) commanded these things over 1400 years ago. Even the Prophet commanded the practice of quarantining to contain plagues in several narrations.

Why are these additional things a blessing? Because many more people are now following Almighty God’s Law without even realizing it. And despite what the Islamophobia industry constantly propagates, following God’s Law has not led to the oppression of women or the death of non-Muslims.

This shows just how deceptive the Islamophobia industry really is. What they propagate is just not true. Islam does not call for forceful subjugation of non-Muslims into Islam. Even in Almighty God’s Divine Word, known as the Noble Qur’an, it says in chapter 2, verse 256 that there is no compulsion in acceptance of the religion and that truth stands out clear from falsehood.

Many people are now doing things in accordance with Islamic teachings without even knowing it. If they knew these things are Islamic practices, then many of them them would no doubt fall in love with Islam. But once this pandemic is over, things will go right back to the way they were before. And this is something we need to prevent.

We need to educate people that this is what Islam teaches about proper etiquette and even dealing with pandemics. Tell your neighbors, friends, and colleagues who do these things that these are what Islam teaches. Educate the people around you. Tell them about Islam and the beauty of its teachings.

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