How to Stop #Coronavirus

This should be common sense knowledge by now. But sadly, with the coronavirus pandemic still spreading, so many people are not listening to the warnings made by health officials worldwide. They assume it’s a hoax. Or they assume they’re healthy so they can’t get it. Or they give some other excuse.

Well, let’s look at the advice given by God’s Last Prophet. He said that if you hear of a plague in a certain region, then do not enter into that region. (He didn’t say wait until you verify if it’s true. He just said if you hear about it.) And he also said that if you are in a region and you hear of a plague breaking out there, then do not leave that region.

This is the advice of the Final Messenger of Almighty God! Everything he said is from the divine message of Almighty God! And he’s telling us to quarantine if such rumors of plague come about! So it’s past time that we stop being careless and we take precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus or any pandemic!

Okay maybe you don’t believe in the prophetic advice. Maybe you don’t even believe in God. You believe in science. Fine. Let’s break if down for these individuals: what is the best way to aid in the healing process of any wound? Stop coming into contact with wherever the affliction is at!

Think about it.

Pimples take longer to go away when you pop them because popping them causes them to burst and covers the wound in skin oil. That’s coming into contact. Likewise, scabs take longer to go away when you pick at them as it means more blood is released and has to heal too. That’s coming into contact.

And similarly, the coronavirus pandemic takes longer to go away when you touch or even get too close to others who may be carriers of the virus or when you have it and are around others. Even THAT’S coming into contact. So stop all contact with the affliction or afflicted areas.

So if you see an area where there is a bad infection or disease going on, whether it’s on your body or in a geographical area, keep your distance! DO. NOT. MAKE. CONTACT. And if you are infected yourself, whether it’s that you’re covered in bad wounds or that you have a disease, then don’t move! Stay in that one place until the healing is done.

If you’re covered in bad scabbing wounds, then they won’t heal as fast if you move too much and rub them around. And if you have a contagious disease, then moving will only cause the disease to spread wherever you move to.

All diseases die eventually. So if you are infected with a contagious disease that has no known medicinal treatment, then follow the advice of health experts and the Prophet of Almighty God: don’t leave town. Just stay put in a safe environment. Don’t exit that region and spread it to others. Contain that virus! Once it dies, that’s one less case the rest of the world has to worry about.

If everyone did this right now, then the coronavirus would be gone merely weeks from now or even less! Even if you don’t believe in the virus, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. One thing is for sure though: Almighty God told us this information through His Final Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him. If God told us this (and He did), then it’s the best advice to follow.

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