Have You Turned Your House into Home?

Here’s a question many likely have not considered: have you turned your house into a home? Really think about this. You might think they’re the same thing. But the reality is they’re very different. Or at least they can be.

A house is just a place to live in that you own. But a home is something much deeper. A home is a place where your family feels a sense of tranquility. A home is where temporary guests and permanent inhabitants alike feel welcome.

No one is saying you have the open up your door to compete strangers to call your house your home. But what have you really done to provide that sense of belonging? That sense of people feeling like they’re welcome to come by.

If your house is a complete mess when guests are present or even when your family is home, then is that really somewhere you’d want to be if you were in their shoes? Probably not. Therefore, take the time to clean up. Show your guests that you care about them.

If you are constantly yelling at your spouse in front of your kids, then do you think your children are going to want to be there? Probably not. Therefore, find ways to resolve marital disputes peacefully like grownups should do.

These are not simply things taught in the example of Almighty God’s Final Messenger known as the Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him. And these are not simply things taught from the Word of God known as the Qur’an either. (These lessons are found in these places, but that’s not the only place they’re found.) They’re also just plain common sense.

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