Take Advantage of Life Before Death

Everyone wants to enjoy life. This is something that none of us can deny. And there’s nothing wrong with this if we’re enjoying life in a righteous way and living according to good moral standards.

But the problem is when we want to live life as if it’s all the time we have. We see this mentality propagated often with people using phrases like “you only live once” or, as it’s commonly abbreviated, “YOLO.”

Well, this mentality is incorrect. For one thing, this life is not all there is. There is a life beyond this. And for another, it’s what we do in this life that determines what happens to us in the next life.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him, said in a narration that one of the five things we should advantage of before five other things is life before death. And he wasn’t saying live however you want by doing whatever you yourself want. Rather the Prophet was saying to live by what God wants before we die.

This is the correct mentality to have. Live your life according to what Almighty God wants. And more importantly, we must remember death often. And don’t be afraid of death. Everyone is going to face it anyway so it’s pointless to fear death. Every soul will taste death. So live your life in a way that God is pleased with since you don’t know when He will take your life away.

But how does God want us to live? By following His Commands and worshiping Him without any partners. This concept is called “tawheed.” And tawheed refers to the Oneness of God in every aspect. It’s pretty simple: worship the Creator Alone, and do not the creation. This is only found on Islam.

Every other way of life involves making partnership with God in some way or another, a concept known as shirk. In Judaism, they believe the soul of the Jewish man or woman is the soul of God. That’s shirk. In Sikhism, they believe your soul becomes one with God when you die. Shirk. In Christianity, they believe Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, is the begotten son of God. Shirk. Every single way of life involves shirk. Except one: Islam.

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