Prophets are Not Gods

With the recent celebration of Easter this past Sunday in the Christian calendar, Christians worldwide celebrated the rising of Jesus, peace be upon him, into Heaven. However, this is problematic for a number of reasons.

For one thing, Christians think of Jesus as being not only the begotten son of Almighty God but also God in human form at the same time. This is the concept referred to as the Trinity. And the Trinity is basically polytheism with an extra step.

Additionally, along with this belief in Jesus being God, Christians also believe he was executed by the government of the Roman Empire on what’s known as Good Friday. The foundation of Easter Sunday comes from the Christian belief of Jesus coming back to life three days after Good Friday.

Why is this problematic, you may wonder? Well, firstly, Jesus was not Almighty God nor the son of God. Jesus was a Messenger of Almighty God. He was a Prophet as well. (All messengers are prophets too, but not all prophets are messengers.) How do we know this? Well, Jesus was created by God, for one thing. He was conceived miraculously in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the Will of God. If he is created, then by default he is not the Creator. He’s a creation of the Creator.

This celebration of Easter is also problematic because when Christians say Jesus was God and also say that he was executed, they’re saying that humans killed God. Well, obviously God doesn’t die! And by saying otherwise, this is a classic case of putting limits on God’s Eternal Might.

This is something we need to understand. Churches everywhere teach this to so many people from a young age, essentially indoctrinating them with this polytheistic doctrine. This doctrine is contrary to what Jesus himself taught along with all the other prophets.

Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, was given the Ten Commandments by Almighty God many centuries before Jesus was born. The first of these Ten Commandments is, “You shall not make any other gods with me.” There are no partners with Almighty God. There’s no begotten son of Almighty God or begotten daughter of Almighty God.

Bottom line: Almighty God is the One and Only God, the Creator of the Universe.

Now some might argue that that was the case in the Old Testament and that the New Testament is followed now instead. Well, how can one reject part of what God says and only accept some? You can’t do that as it’s picking and choosing what you like and rejecting what you don’t like.

For all these reasons, it makes no sense to deify Jesus as a partner of Almighty God. Rather it makes much more sense to adhere to the true message of Jesus that he actually taught: to worship Almighty God Alone without any partners. And this is what Islam teaches.

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