Kim Jung-Un Reportedly in Frail Condition – Is This the End?

Unconfirmed reports surfaced yesterday that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-Un, was weak and in bad condition after reportedly having heart surgery. South Korean and U.S. intelligence officials have said they’re monitoring the situation.

Though the reports cited unnamed officials and were unconfirmed, Kim Jung-Un was reportedly absent from a public celebration of the birth of his grandfather Kim Il Sung on April 15. This is noteworthy considering it’s the isolated nation’s most important holiday usually marked by big military parades and satellite launches.

But, in a stunning twist, the North Korean leader was nowhere to be seen. This has fueled speculation about his health. Other than this, however, there has been no indication of anything unusual in the isolated state.

The communist nation has reportedly used very brutal tactics to silence dissent. Those who flee the oppressive regime often face a critical dilemma: either return home to face punishment or your family back home gets punished instead. Defectors are labeled as traitors. And North Korea has not been on good terms with the rest of the world for quite some time now.

These tactics used by the isolated country are nothing new. China uses similar tactics on the Uighur Muslims in occupied East Turkestan. Syria’s tyrant Bashar Assad does on his own people as well.

This is why the scholars of Islam have often said when you face oppression, do not speak ill of the tyrant rulers in their land or rebel against them. The loss of life and further oppression that results is far greater than any benefit that comes from rebelling.

This happened when the people in Syria rose against Assad in 2011. It happened in Yemen and Egypt as well. These lands are worse than they were before these uprisings.

So what does this have to do with Kim Jung-Un, you may be wondering?

Kim Jung-Un has reportedly been in frail condition. If such reports are true, then it is likely because people are praying to Almighty God for an end to him and his wretched tyranny. However, whether he’s in bad health or in the best health of his life, there is one thing that is absolutely certain: Kim Jung-Un will not be around forever. And that’s the point.

Rather than rebel against an oppressive ruler, we must pray to Almighty God that He ends the ruler’s reign of tyranny. We obviously don’t know how it will happen. Maybe God will give him a grave illness. Or maybe an vehicle accident will lead to his death. Or maybe the ruler will have a change of heart and stop his oppression. Nobody but Almighty God knows what will happen in the future.

But the moral is that we need to have trust in Almighty God. And we must pray for an end to oppression rather than take matters into our own hands to end it. And finally, need to follow what God commands of us as well and rectify ourselves before any change can happen.

Some might argue, “Come on, we need more than just prayer!” Well, that is nonsense. Do you even know the Eternal Might of the One you’re praying to? Are you that weak in your trust in Almighty God? Remember that God created this entire universe by His Own Will with no trouble to Him whatsoever. He can easily handle something here on Earth.

So rather than having a worldly view of things, let’s change our mindset and pray that Almighty God ends the oppression our brothers and sisters worldwide are facing. If Kim Jung-Un dies (and he will eventually), then it’s solely by the Will of Almighty God. And God can also will for other tyrants to end their oppression as well. Nothing happens except by God’s permission. And nothing can happen if God doesn’t allow it.

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