Many of the Heroes Among Us Are Polytheists – Why this Matters

It has been said – and rightly so – that in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, the essential workers are heroes. And this is true. They put themselves on the front lines, putting themselves at risk willingly to get the essential things done for everyone. However, despite their dedication and heroism, it will be serve them no benefit on the Day of Judgment if they are not believers and followers of the Truth.

This truth, of course, is that there is none worthy of worship except the One Almighty God. They may be people of faith but ultimately it means nothing if they commit acts of polytheism and die in that state of disbelief. The reality is that polytheism, or the act of associating partners with Almighty God, does not only nullify any good deeds you do. It is also greatest crime of all against God.

Sadly, many of the essential workers are disbelievers in the pure Oneness of Almighty God. Some essential workers are believers in the pure monotheism of Islam. But many are not. This is why it is essential to convey the message of Islam to them. It’s on them whether they accept it or reject it. But we still have a moral and religious obligation to share Islam with the people.

Remember that Almighty God is One and One Only! He’s the Only One worthy of total and absolute obedience. The Only One worthy of worship. Nothing in the creation even remotely resembles Him. And when He tells us to do something, we are follow if no matter what it is.

So if God tells us to lash the fornicator, then we must do so. If God tells us to stone the adulterer to death, then we must do so. If God tells us to pray five times a day to Him, then we must do so. Only because God told us to. And one thing that Almighty God told us to do is to call others to worship Him and obey Him without any ascribing any partners to Him. This is pure monotheism. This is the truth.

And yet so many heroes today, including the numerous essential workers, are believers in falsehood. They are believers in polytheism. And again, that’s the greatest crime of all against God. It is so incredibly serious that it completely nullifies any good they may do. If they die upon that state, then they are at risk of eternal punishment in the Hellfire. Ultimately their fate at that point will be entirely up to Almighty God. But the good they did will be useless without belief in the pure monotheism only found in Islam.

We all want to follow what’s correct. Well, it’s not polytheism that’s correct. Whether it’s Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Wicca, or anything else, these all contain elements of polytheism. Except for Islam. Islam is the only way of life that rids us all of and require us to distance ourselves from false gods and polytheistic ideas. So we must call people to the way of Islam. We must teach others about Islam.

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One thought on “Many of the Heroes Among Us Are Polytheists – Why this Matters

  1. This is 100% true and in it there is no doubt that whatever good work one does and if he were die without Islam , hell is ordained for him for eternity. Very well written ,keep the good work without being baised.

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