Making the Most in the Lands of Disbelief

We’ve probably heard at some point or another that America is a Christian nation. While this isn’t entirely true due to American laws banning preferential treatment of any religion over others, one thing is for certain. And that is that America is a nation where the majority of people identify as Christian.

As people who are believers in the truth of the pure monotheism of Islam, we are a minority in America. Same with probably every other Western nation. As Muslims, we follow the truth, though, even as a minority. In fact, throughout the Qur’an, it’s clear that the minority are upon the truth. Almighty God uses phrases in the Qur’an such as “though most of them don’t believe” or “though most of them still don’t believe” in this regard. (At least after translating the original Arabic into English anyway.)

So with this in mind, how do we as Muslims reconcile with living in a land of falsehood? Well, the first thing to note is that if you cannot reconcile it and if you worry about not being able to live by Islamic teachings in a non-Muslim-majority land, then in such cases, it’s better to move to a land where you can do so.

This doesn’t mean you have to move to another country necessarily. You can move to another city or state where the Muslims are greater in number and where people are more accepting of Islam and Muslims being in there area. A particular land is not always confined to specific geographic borders.

However, if you are one who is strong in his faith and has decent knowledge of Islamic teachings, then it may be beneficial to live in a disbelieving land, even as counterintuitive as it may sound. That’s because the Muslim’s only reason to move to a non-Muslim land is to benefit the people and to share the way of Islam.

Sharing the way of Islam is what the Prophets of Almighty God did on a regular basis. This is also what Prophet Muhammad’s companions, may God be pleased with them, did when some of them were forced to migrate to modern-day Ethiopia when they were persecuted and threatened for practicing the way of Islam. They invited the king of what is now Ethiopia to the way of Islam, to the point that the king actually starting crying tears of joy upon hearing some verses of the Qur’an being recited.

Well, Ethiopia was a non-Muslim land. Yet the Muslims were granted safe refuge there and were allowed to practice Islam and share it with the people.

This is what we need to do in America and other lands of disbelief. Our ultimate goal should be to share Islam until worship is for Almighty God Alone without any partners, but obviously we cannot force people to accept Islam. Our goal should not be to move to the West simply due to better job opportunities. While there’s nothing wrong about getting a better job, this should not be our primary objective.

So in closing, this is what we must do if we continue to live in lands of disbelief. We must invite the people to Islam until it becomes a land of belief. Our reasons should be to please Almighty God, not the people. We must not compromise on our values as Muslims. We must stick with Islam and it’s teachings, and we must not budge. No question about that.

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