Ramadan Series – Day 2: Charity in Ramadan

In this blessed month of Ramadan, fasting is not the only part of it. Charity plays an important role as well. One of the Five Pillars of Islam is zakat. Zakat is a mandatory amount of charitable giving. And zakat is usually collected during Ramadan.

While the minimum amount Muslims are required to give in charity is 2.5% of whatever we own, we are encouraged to give as much as we can to charity. We must consider the hardship and hunger of those with less than us.

During Ramadan, the reward of all good deeds are multiplied. So charity becomes even more important for us as Muslims. As do other acts of worship and righteousness.

So in closing, as the month of Ramadan comes into it’s final week or so, be sure to make the most of it. Give more to charity than just the bare minimum; give some extra food items to your local food bank or donate some extra cash to the local mosque or a legitimate Islamic organization. Increase your acts of worship to be more than just the five mandatory prayers; do some optional Sunnah prayers as well.

And once Ramadan is over, keep at it! Use this month to start new good habits that last beyond this month only! Ramadan isn’t a time to do more acts of worship just so we can leave them once it’s over; it’s a time to make changes for the better that last a lifetime. So keep the acts of charity going.

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