Ramadan Series – Day 3: Practicing During Ramadan and Afterward!

Let’s be honest: many Muslims practice the way of Islam during Ramadan. But for too many Muslims, it ends right there. They practice this month, and then once it ends, they go back to old bad habits.

While it’s certainly better to practice for a month than not to practice at all, going back to nog practicing actually goes against the nature of Ramadan. Muslims are supposed to avoid all forbidden practices, especially when fasting. However, just because the requirement to fast stops at the end of Ramadan, it doesn’t mean these forbidden practices become permissible.

You still have an obligation to pray. You still have an obligation to steer clear of any unlawful sexual relations. You still have an obligation to let your beard grow if you’re a man. You still have an obligation to wear modest attire. You still have to wear the hijab if you’re a woman. Everything that was forbidden in Ramadan is still forbidden now, with the exception of eating and drinking and practicing intimacy with your spouse.

So with all of this is mind, why do we leave practicing as soon as Ramadan ends? Do people think these obligations cease to exist? No. They don’t cease to exist! They still are obligatory things to follow! Don’t let the wicked one known as the Devil deceive you into thinking otherwise. Don’t be a Ramadan only Muslim. Be a full time Muslim. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

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