Ramadan Series – Day 4: Jihad While Fasting?

In this blessed month of Ramadan, many of us probably know the major aspects of fasting such as no eating or drinking during daylight hours. But did you know any negative talk could very well invalidate your fast as well? Yep. That’s right. It very well could.

The Messenger of Almighty God known as Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him, once said in a narration attributed to him that God is not in need of our fasting if we can’t even leave negative talk such as complaining and talking harshly. This is why many practicing Muslims when faced with harsh words will often respond with, “Sorry, I’m fasting.”

And it is not only a requirement to abstain from these things. It’s a rewardable act. In mays ways, it’s a type of jihad, or struggle. And jihad is a highly noble act in Islam. No, not the violence shown in the media falsely labeled as jihad. Jihad is any type of struggle done for the purpose of pleasing Almighty God, whether it’s a military struggle, a moral struggle, or any other type of struggle.

So how is not complaining during fasting a type of jihad? Well, it’s definitely hard for many people. They’re hungry and thirsty, and the urge to complain and whine about how hungry you are is pretty strong. We have to use willpower to overcome that urge. So by actively resisting any urge to complain, we are engaging in a struggle within ourselves.

Even the Prophet’s companions would say that staying away from eating or drinking wasn’t the hardest part. For them, the hardest part of fasting was not complaining or talking negatively during fasting. So it was a form of internal jihad even for the companions to not complain while fasting. Do you think they weren’t getting rewarded for their perseverance? There is not a shred of doubt that they were being rewarded.

So while it may seem like an outlet for us to complain about how hungry we are, remember that it could invalidate your fast. Think of it like this: by not eating and not complaining about it, you’re exercising your ability to be content with what you have already. And in the process, you become more humble and still get rewarded in the Hereafter for it.

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