Ramadan Series – Days 5 and 6: Advice for After Ramadan

As this blessed month draws to a close with roughly just four days or so left before the end-of-Ramadan celebration known as Eid ul-Fitr, it’s more important than ever to make changes if we haven’t already. Here’s some helpful advice on how to make sure this month doesn’t go to waste: if you were more practicing this month, then keep practicing for life.

This may sound pretty obvious to some people. However, it needs to be said. Here why: many Muslims weren’t practicing before Ramadan. Now, with Ramadan going on, many have started practicing their Islam. They’ve been reading and even reciting the Noble Qur’an more. They’ve stopped mixing with the opposite gender. They’ve quit going to bars and nightclubs. They’ve let their beards grow. Among other things.

But once Ramadan ends, many will sadly go right back to their old habits. Well, don’t. And there are many reasons for this. For the sake of time, though, here are the main two reasons worth mentioning.

Firstly, it’s for your own eternal benefit. Ultimately, the greatest reward is with Almighty God. But doing forbidden acts can end you in the Hellfire for eternity. We only make it to Paradise through the mercy of Almighty God.

Well, if we keep doing forbidden acts like it’s no big deal, then we are risking God not showing us mercy! Is it really worth it to take a chance like that? Of course not! So we must do everything we can to attain God’s mercy. Do only what is permissible. And if you slip up, then don’t fret it. Just repent and try not to do it again.

And secondly, many Muslims complain about the oppression of other Muslims worldwide. They want to change things worldwide, but they don’t want to start with their own selves first. Think about it: our mosques are generally empty at dawn. These are the houses of Almighty God! They’re built so God can be worshiped in them.

Remember that the oppression of Muslims worldwide is only happening because we have neglected our Islam for so long as a community! Do we honestly expect Almighty God to lift the humiliation facing our community and give us victory against the enemies of Islam whilst we don’t even fulfill our obligations to Him? No!

So let’s use these last few days to commit to changing ourselves! Let’s fulfill our obligations all year long. Let’s follow what God wants us to do all year long! Let’s live by the way of Islam all year long! Let’s do it! Now!

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