Atheists Say Believers Reject Most Gods But Not All – Is This Accurate?

Recently there has been a seemingly-well-thought-out argument by notorious atheists like Richard Dawkins and others that has confused people who actually believe in Almighty God. The argument goes like this: people who believe in God have disbelieved in all gods throughout history; atheists just disbelieve in one more.

Why are we discussing an atheist argument today? Well, this argument has confused many people who believe in Almighty God and left some unable to effectively respond to it. Even those who are able to respond, they haven’t been able to effectively get the truth across for those who need to hear it.

The reason for this drawback is simple: this argument is short. It can be summed up in a single post of no more than two sentences. Whereas to explain the truth in pure monotheism in just a sentence or two is impossible for many people. So what can we do? If you want an argument in response to this, just say, “That’s true. We reject all false gods in favor of the Creator of the universe, who is the Only One worthy of worship. It doesn’t matter what name you call Him.”

Why would we acknowledge an atheistic argument as true, you may wonder? Well, the answer is actually not what you may think. See, this atheistic argument actually doesn’t discredit religion or belief in God at all. Rather the argument makes it seem like every religion is equally as legitimate as a lack of religion. This doesn’t negate any religion per se, but it does seem (at first) to contradict the notion that one religion is true and others are false. It’s more a distraction to catch us off guard.

As believers in pure monotheism, we know that Islam is the truth. But how do we address this argument to show one Islam is truer than any other faith? We just have to show how pointless this atheistic argument really is. For example, you could say, “All vegetarians reject animal products except some, but vegans in particular reject all animal products.” Or you could say, “Many people have no external reproductive organs except one, but women in particular have no external reproductive organs at all.”

The bottom line is not to show one argument is more true than another. All three of the above-mentioned arguments are technically true. As believers, we do in fact reject all false gods in favor of the One Almighty God. Likewise, women do in fact have no reproductive organs outside their bodies. And likewise, vegans do in fact reject all animal products. But that doesn’t prove anything in terms of truth of beliefs. It merely shows the difference in what believers say compared to what atheists say.

We don’t have to do a long post about why Islam is the truth. We don’t have to make a long case for why God is real. And we generally shouldn’t. The reason is most people are short in their attention span on social media. One tweet is all it takes before people either share or just continue scrolling. If it catches your eye, then you might end up sharing it. Otherwise, you’ll likely just move on.

So in closing, if we want to counter this problematic trend of disbelief, we just have to show how ridiculous the arguments of disbelief really are. And whenever this argument from the atheists is used, just say, “Yes. We do reject all false gods, in favor of the Creator of the universe. The Creator is the only one worthy of worship.”

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