Are Protests The Answer to Addressing Racism?

In recent days, there have been riots and protests across the United States in response to racism in this country after yet another black man named George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer. But often, many of these protests have reportedly been going from peaceful to violent and have been leading to clashes with police, the looting of shops, and numerous cases of destruction of property.

Well, here at Daily Bit of Truth, we swore never to sugarcoat the truth. We swore to tell the full truth even if it hurts some people’s feelings. And tonight that’s what we’re going to do just like always.

And the truth is that protests are not the answer! Look, people are angry about racism. That’s totally understandable. But protesting in the streets is not going to solve the problem of racism. Protests by definition fuel our anger. They get people’s emotions riled up. This is why the scholars of Islam have said they are not permissible.

It’s not just the fact that we are mixing with the opposite sex in such gatherings. It’s not just the fact that protests fuel people’s anger. It’s not just the fact that protests often lead to unstable situations like the rioting and looting we are seeing now. But also, it’s the fact that protesting is an innovated practice that has no place in Islam.

Look at how Prophet Muhammad, peace and God’s blessings be upon him, eradicated racism from the hearts of his community: he didn’t chant and march in the streets with his companions. Rather he taught the people about tawheed and invited them to it. Meaning he focused on inviting people to worship God to His Oneness rather than associating partnership with God.

What does following tawheed have to do with eliminating racism? Well, it has everything to do with it. Once we understand and acknowledge that Almighty God created mankind with differences and that God Alone is the One worthy of worship, and once we devote our lives to worshiping Almighty God correctly, we will be able to eliminate any racial biases we have.

So please, if you want to change the world and eliminate the problem of racism, it starts with educating the people about the Oneness of God. Not with protesting. Protesting may change a law or two, or it may get a government official to resign. But let’s be honest: it won’t do anything to eliminate the problem of racism. By protesting, you’re just committing a wrong to correct a wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right, as the saying goes.

So if there are protests going on in your city, just stay home. Rather than just putting a bandage on the wound, focus instead on fixing the wound so it doesn’t come back again. Educate your family and your community about the eternal Greatness of Almighty God. Invite them to worship Almighty God Alone without partners. At the end of the day, God does not fix the condition of a community until the people in that community fix the condition within themselves first.

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