You Are What You Do!

It’s pretty simple. You are what you do. And the reason is simple: what you spend your days doing is going to be what defines you. And it’s what do that will ultimately define your status in the eyes of Almighty God on the Day of Judgment. If you spend your days worshiping God without partners and doing so in such a way that the Prophets of Almighty God would do, then your status in the eyes of God will most likely be that of someone who submitted to the Will of Almighty God. That’s what a Muslim is. A Muslim is who submits his or her will to the Will of the One Almighty God.

Whereas if you spend your days smoking weed and not taking your worship seriously, your status in the eyes of God will most likely be that of a criminal who was negligent of his acts of worship. Obviously only Almighty God knows what His judgment will be. But that doesn’t negate the fact that what you do in this life determines what happens to you in the next life. Don’t think, however, that your actions are what get you to Paradise. Ultimately it will only be by the mercy of Almighty God that we will get to eternal bliss in Paradise. But our actions will be a deciding factor in whether Almighty God chooses to show mercy to us or not.

The only way your good actions will NOT benefit you is if you die associating partners with Almighty God. The non-Muslims are in this category. Of course, that doesn’t mean every single non-Muslim will automatically be in the Hellfire. Almighty God is the One Who is Entirely Merciful, but He is also the One Who is Entirely Just.

God will look at everything: whether or not you knew what Islam was and still rejected it, whether you were morally righteous and not a criminal, and everything. But the difference between Muslims and non-Muslims in this regard is that for non-Muslims, your good deeds will not serve any benefit so your fate will be ENTIRELY up to Almighty God. This is because the act of associating partnership with God is so extremely serious that it nullifies all other good deeds.

In closing, it should be clear by now that you are what you do. So it is only wise for us all to good acts purely for the sake of pleasing Almighty God Alone and to worship Almighty God Alone without ascribing any partners to Him. Live your life this way according to Almighty God’s Law. According to the way of Islam. And, if God wills, you will be successful in this life and in the next life.

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