Raise Your Kids Upon the Truth, Not Falsehood!

Having children brings a lot of blessings into our lives. We’re not just having a baby. We are raising a person. We’re raising the next generation who will lead the world when our generation dies. This is why it’s vital to raise children upon the truth, not upon falsehood!

Raising children is difficult. But this doesn’t excuse us from the obligation to raise children upon the way of tawheed. In other words, no matter what, raising kids upon the way of worshiping Almighty God without partnership in any way or form is essential. Since most public schools these days aren’t going to provide that type of education, it’s essential nowadays especially in the West that we either send our kids to a proper Islamic school or homeschool our children.

Why won’t public schools in the West provide an acceptable education? Well, let’s be real: they are designed to teach kids about reading, writing, and mathematics. And that’s fine. However, in recent decades they are also emphasizing science as well. And while learned science is nothing to be ashamed of, many schools nowadays are telling kids that humans and apes both evolved from a common ancestor. This directly contradicts the fact that Almighty God created the first man with His Own Hands. And public schools are also actively promoting acceptance of homosexuality more and more.

This kind of homosexual garbage is not something our children should be learning! But in the United States, at least two states now require classes about homosexuality: California and New Jersey. And more states are trying to follow suit with these homosexuality classes. Or, as they call them: LGBTQ classes. And with America’s separation of religion and state, science classes are heavily promoting the secular scientific narrative of how humans came to exist on Earth. With many science teachers very supportive of this narrative, many science teachers will promote it as if it’s the only way humans came about. And this confuses many young people who grew up learning about Almighty God and His Prophets.

Even if you teach your kids to not listen to these types of lessons and to only follow the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, they still are put under a lot of pressure from peers and even teachers to conform to Western secular values. So if you can, homeschool your kids so they are always taught according to proper Islamic values. But even if you can’t homeschool them their entire school life, at least do so until they get to high school. At least then they’ll have the foundation to refute the false narratives being propagated in the public school system.

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One thought on “Raise Your Kids Upon the Truth, Not Falsehood!

  1. Great thought. I also have the same opinion that we should home school our children.. Even though I m not married yet but In sha Allah wen i will marry n have kids will in sha Allah give them home schooling and tech them Quran hadiths and other beneficial sciences.


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