Is Satanism Hidden in Children’s Cartoons?

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Lately here at Daily Bit of Truth, we have been not posting as often. Part of the reason is we are run by one small team who have busy lives outside of Daily Bit of Truth. But on top of that, we have been doing research for a new book we’re working on about Islamic healing (known as ruqya). Well, in our research, we were shocked how often black magic is shown on kids’ television shows. We just could not stay silent about this and had to share what we found.

For those unaware, black magic is an act of polytheism. It takes one out of the fold of Islam instantly. But it’s not the kind where you may worship statues or humans. It’s where you engage in acts of worship of the ultimate enemy of God: the devil! The accursed Satan! The one who swore the misguide mankind until the Day of Judgment.

How is black magic an act of satanic worship? Simple: when one does it, they invoke demons or spirits (known in Arabic as the jinn) to do something for the one doing the black magic. So rather than pray to God, you’re praying to demons. And while this may be something viewed as atrocious by many, and rightfully so (after all, why would any reasonable person want to pray to the devil?), such horrible acts are being spoon fed to children through so many outlets…often without parents even realizing it!

Here are a few examples below.

The old Cartoon Network show “Johnny Bravo” had an episode where he mistakenly went to a black magic store and got placed under a spell by a witch, causing him to shrink to microscopic size. Well, when you listen to what the witch said when she was doing her spell, it was shockingly similar to how black magicians actually do their spells: invoke evil beings to do their dirty work.

And on another show “Ed Edd n Eddy,” also from Cartoon Network, the character Eddy does a fortune telling scam where he invokes “spirits of the underwood”. Admittedly, he doesn’t say the underworld but instead says underwood. This probably was to make it a bit more kid-friendly. But the writers of the show couldn’t have picked anything else? Did it HAVE to be satanic in nature to begin with?

And of course, who could forget the evil witch Maleficent from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” where she calls upon all the powers of hell to turn into the dragon near the end? It certainly was scary for me growing up in a house where Disney movies were a favorite pastime for my family.

It’s like they’re trying to indoctrinate children with this polytheism! Whether or not it is intentional, we may never know. But one thing is for sure: this is not the kind of stuff kids should be watching. Most of television isn’t appropriate for kids. Children may be very innocent and even ignorant of the horrible things often shown in cartoons, but seeing such things can be very problematic. They become numb to these awful practices. And when they get older, they see movies where magic happens and they think it’s fun to watch.

Well, for all new parents out there reading this, let’s try something: do to not let your kids watch these movies or any movies at all. Teach them to read nonfiction stuff as much as possible. Have educational lectures playing on the speakers when you drive. Teach them why magic is horrible and satanic. Teach them about worshiping Almighty God Alone without partners and to despise the devil and his demonic minions. Then once they get to their teenage years, try showing them a scene from one of these movies and see how they react. I can almost guarantee that they’ll be shocked that things like this is being shown to kids everyday in television shows and in movies.

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