How to Stop #Coronavirus

This should be common sense knowledge by now. But sadly, with the coronavirus pandemic still spreading, so many people are not listening to the warnings made by health officials worldwide. They assume it’s a hoax. Or they assume they’re healthy so they can’t get it. Or they give some other excuse. Well, let’s look atContinue reading “How to Stop #Coronavirus”

Why the #Coronavirus Pandemic is a Blessing

It may seem counterintuitive. After all, how can something that is causing death and wreaking havoc worldwide possibly be a blessing? Well, just bear with me as I give a few reasons as to just how this actually is the case with the coronavirus pandemic. Firstly, if Almighty God wanted to wipe us all ofContinue reading “Why the #Coronavirus Pandemic is a Blessing”

Christchurch Massacre: Lessons One Year Later

Today marks one year since a far-right terrorist opened fire on dozens of worshipers inside a packed mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. On this day last year, more than fifty innocent people lost their lives…all because this gunman was brainwashed by anti-Islam propaganda. However, considering that anti-Islam propaganda was the reason the gunman even consideredContinue reading “Christchurch Massacre: Lessons One Year Later”

Don’t Panic over #Coronavirus

Everyone wants to be healthy. This is something none of us can deny. We all want to look and feel our best. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. But a major problem that usually arises whenever an epidemic or a pandemic comes out is panic. When people get scared, they tend to make badContinue reading “Don’t Panic over #Coronavirus”

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Spreading, But Why?

In recent weeks, we have seen this virus known as the coronavirus go from just being a handful of isolated cases in China to being a huge global pandemic that has killed thousands of people. But why is this happening so fast or even at all? And what can we do to avoid getting infectedContinue reading “The Coronavirus Pandemic is Spreading, But Why?”

Is There Any Such Thing as a White Lie?

In many cases today, we see people promoting something called “white lies” meaning a lie without evil intent. This can be for a number of reasons, whether to keep people happy or to prevent harm. Even in parenting we see parents telling their children so-called white lies such as the existence of the Easter BunnyContinue reading “Is There Any Such Thing as a White Lie?”

Stateless for 96 Years: Is There Hope?

The world has been without a unified empire where Almighty God’s Law reigns supreme and the believers in the Oneness of Almighty God (the Muslims) could flee to in times of persecution, specifically since March 3, 1924. That’s 96 years ago today. This empire was known as the Caliphate, an Islamic empire that was lastContinue reading “Stateless for 96 Years: Is There Hope?”

What Are You Doing for the Truth?

It’s a common sight to see in the West. Those Bible-waving preachers shouting the message of their churches to spread their beliefs. These preachers usually have no problem preaching alone. Even though these preachers are spreading misguidance. Why is what they’re spreading misguidance? Well, such preachers are spreading shirk by claiming Almighty God had aContinue reading “What Are You Doing for the Truth?”

Are You in the Company of God’s Messenger?

There seems to be a common pattern when we as Muslims call to the way of tawheed, which was also the prophetic methodology. Tawheed, of course, refers to the Oneness of Almighty God. It just means that there is nothing worthy of worship except the One Almighty God. The pattern appears to be as follows:Continue reading “Are You in the Company of God’s Messenger?”

What is Chronic People-Pleasing?

These days more people are in the public eye than ever before. With the rise of social media, access to a public presence is within hand’s reach via the smartphones in our pockets. With this newly found access to the world over the Internet, good and bad has come from it. Countless studies and articlesContinue reading “What is Chronic People-Pleasing?”

Do You Trust Your Creator or the System?

With the election coming up, this seems like a good time to discuss something many of us probably haven’t even considered: do we put our trust our Lord or do we we put our trust in the system? Some might say both. But it’s important to really think about the answer. The fact of theContinue reading “Do You Trust Your Creator or the System?”

Arrogance is a Type of Satanism

When we walk on the Earth with pride or to show off how important we think we are, this is a major sign of arrogance. And arrogance is a sign of evil being prevalent in our lives. But where did arrogance first come from? To get the answer, we need to go back in timeContinue reading “Arrogance is a Type of Satanism”

Four Reasons Why Men SHOULD Let their Beards Grow

Let’s be honest: for many people in today’s society, having a long beard is viewed as gross or unprofessional. Some even view it as extreme. But the truth is…none of the above are true. In fact, it is actually healthier and more manly-looking to have a beard. Here are four reasons why men SHOULD letContinue reading “Four Reasons Why Men SHOULD Let their Beards Grow”

Don’t Get Angry

Let’s face it. We’ve all probably been angry at some point. Some of us probably have even lost our temper and said things we later regretted immensely. Having anger is normal. It’s part of being a human being to have emotions. But what we do to handle those emotions is what makes us better orContinue reading “Don’t Get Angry”

Do You Pray for Your Leaders or Just Cause Trouble?

In today’s day and age, we see many movements of people fighting for civil rights. Blacks, Arabs, immigrants, gays, etc. are among these movements. And some of these are fighting for equal rights for legitimate reasons and doing so in legitimate ways. However, we must understand that too many people in these of these movementsContinue reading “Do You Pray for Your Leaders or Just Cause Trouble?”

Work to Please the Creator, Not the Creation

In this day and age of mass media and social media, we are constantly putting ourselves out there. As a result of this, we are often doing things to please the people or not doing them out of fear of what people think of us. It’s all about pleasing those around us. However, in theContinue reading “Work to Please the Creator, Not the Creation”

What Kobe Bryant’s Death Tells Us All

Kobe Bryant was a good man no doubt. He affected the lives of thousands of people, maybe millions. Mostly in a positive way. His death and the fairly young age of 41 was indeed a tragedy. But death for anyone, whether they’re a celebrity or not, should not come as a surprise. After all, deathContinue reading “What Kobe Bryant’s Death Tells Us All”

Stay Away from Nike Products and Here’s Why!

We’ve all seen the famous check mark logo that is the Nike brand. We’ve seen it on shoes, on t-shirts, in malls, and even on our TV screens. It’s a widely known brand. But did you know the famous check mark logo is also rooted in polytheistic symbolism? Yes, it’s true. Nike was the so-calledContinue reading “Stay Away from Nike Products and Here’s Why!”

Think Positively of Almighty God In All Situations

When we go through life, we obviously deal with hardship. And we deal with ease as well. But when we face hardship, we should not automatically think of it as a punishment from Almighty God. Nor should we think that Almighty God has left us to suffer. There are many cases of people who usedContinue reading “Think Positively of Almighty God In All Situations”

Embrace Yourself As God Made You to Be!

Who taught you to hate being what God made you? — Malcolm X You were born the way God wanted you to be born. You don’t need to whiten your skin to look better. You don’t need to wear makeup to look prettier. You don’t need to get a tattoo to look cooler. Really, youContinue reading “Embrace Yourself As God Made You to Be!”