Giving Your Spouses Their Rights

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Here at Daily Bit of Truth, our only goal is to promote and share the truth. We don’t sugarcoat anything. We always keep it real. However, we are in need of funds to continue what we do. Please visit our bookstore section and purchase from our online bookstore. For each book, we askContinue reading “Giving Your Spouses Their Rights”

Raise Your Kids Upon the Truth, Not Falsehood!

Having children brings a lot of blessings into our lives. We’re not just having a baby. We are raising a person. We’re raising the next generation who will lead the world when our generation dies. This is why it’s vital to raise children upon the truth, not upon falsehood! Raising children is difficult. But thisContinue reading “Raise Your Kids Upon the Truth, Not Falsehood!”

Movies are Tools of Misguidance

If we live in developed nations, then chances are we all probably have seen a movie at some point or another. Chances are most of us who have seen a movie loved the entertainment of the story, the special effects, and almost every bit of it. But is it worth your time? As it turnsContinue reading “Movies are Tools of Misguidance”

Declining Family Values in the West? Why?

There is nothing wrong with being a virgin until marriage. It’s also good to not have kids outside of wedlock. And there is definitely nothing wrong with marrying someone from the opposite sex. In fact, that’s what you SHOULD do! These are part of long-standing traditional values that have been held in Western nations forContinue reading “Declining Family Values in the West? Why?”

Atheists Say Believers Reject Most Gods But Not All – Is This Accurate?

Recently there has been a seemingly-well-thought-out argument by notorious atheists like Richard Dawkins and others that has confused people who actually believe in Almighty God. The argument goes like this: people who believe in God have disbelieved in all gods throughout history; atheists just disbelieve in one more. Why are we discussing an atheist argumentContinue reading “Atheists Say Believers Reject Most Gods But Not All – Is This Accurate?”

What is So Significant about Ramadan?

The time is upon us. Tonight marks the start of the blessed month of Ramadan this year. Around the world, 1.5 billion Muslims, or those who submit to the One Almighty God without making partnership with Him, observe this sacred month with prayer, charity, and fasting. But why is it so sacred? Well, in theContinue reading “What is So Significant about Ramadan?”

Los Angeles Hit by Yet Another Earthquake – But Why?

Today the city of Los Angeles, California was hit by an earthquake that rocked the city just after midnight, local time. It reportedly measured 3.7 on the Richter scale. This highlights a disturbing question that seems to be not being asked much: why do the earthquakes seem to be increasing in number worldwide? There haveContinue reading “Los Angeles Hit by Yet Another Earthquake – But Why?”

Kim Jung-Un Reportedly in Frail Condition – Is This the End?

Unconfirmed reports surfaced yesterday that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-Un, was weak and in bad condition after reportedly having heart surgery. South Korean and U.S. intelligence officials have said they’re monitoring the situation. Though the reports cited unnamed officials and were unconfirmed, Kim Jung-Un was reportedly absent from a public celebration of theContinue reading “Kim Jung-Un Reportedly in Frail Condition – Is This the End?”

Have You Turned Your House into Home?

Here’s a question many likely have not considered: have you turned your house into a home? Really think about this. You might think they’re the same thing. But the reality is they’re very different. Or at least they can be. A house is just a place to live in that you own. But a homeContinue reading “Have You Turned Your House into Home?”

Why the #Coronavirus Pandemic is a Blessing

It may seem counterintuitive. After all, how can something that is causing death and wreaking havoc worldwide possibly be a blessing? Well, just bear with me as I give a few reasons as to just how this actually is the case with the coronavirus pandemic. Firstly, if Almighty God wanted to wipe us all ofContinue reading “Why the #Coronavirus Pandemic is a Blessing”

Christchurch Massacre: Lessons One Year Later

Today marks one year since a far-right terrorist opened fire on dozens of worshipers inside a packed mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. On this day last year, more than fifty innocent people lost their lives…all because this gunman was brainwashed by anti-Islam propaganda. However, considering that anti-Islam propaganda was the reason the gunman even consideredContinue reading “Christchurch Massacre: Lessons One Year Later”

What Are You Doing for the Truth?

It’s a common sight to see in the West. Those Bible-waving preachers shouting the message of their churches to spread their beliefs. These preachers usually have no problem preaching alone. Even though these preachers are spreading misguidance. Why is what they’re spreading misguidance? Well, such preachers are spreading shirk by claiming Almighty God had aContinue reading “What Are You Doing for the Truth?”

Are You in the Company of God’s Messenger?

There seems to be a common pattern when we as Muslims call to the way of tawheed, which was also the prophetic methodology. Tawheed, of course, refers to the Oneness of Almighty God. It just means that there is nothing worthy of worship except the One Almighty God. The pattern appears to be as follows:Continue reading “Are You in the Company of God’s Messenger?”

What is Chronic People-Pleasing?

These days more people are in the public eye than ever before. With the rise of social media, access to a public presence is within hand’s reach via the smartphones in our pockets. With this newly found access to the world over the Internet, good and bad has come from it. Countless studies and articlesContinue reading “What is Chronic People-Pleasing?”

Do You Trust Your Creator or the System?

With the election coming up, this seems like a good time to discuss something many of us probably haven’t even considered: do we put our trust our Lord or do we we put our trust in the system? Some might say both. But it’s important to really think about the answer. The fact of theContinue reading “Do You Trust Your Creator or the System?”

Arrogance is a Type of Satanism

When we walk on the Earth with pride or to show off how important we think we are, this is a major sign of arrogance. And arrogance is a sign of evil being prevalent in our lives. But where did arrogance first come from? To get the answer, we need to go back in timeContinue reading “Arrogance is a Type of Satanism”

Four Reasons Why Men SHOULD Let their Beards Grow

Let’s be honest: for many people in today’s society, having a long beard is viewed as gross or unprofessional. Some even view it as extreme. But the truth is…none of the above are true. In fact, it is actually healthier and more manly-looking to have a beard. Here are four reasons why men SHOULD letContinue reading “Four Reasons Why Men SHOULD Let their Beards Grow”

Don’t Get Angry

Let’s face it. We’ve all probably been angry at some point. Some of us probably have even lost our temper and said things we later regretted immensely. Having anger is normal. It’s part of being a human being to have emotions. But what we do to handle those emotions is what makes us better orContinue reading “Don’t Get Angry”