Rashida Jones’s Race – Does It Matter?

Recently there has been a lot of backlash involving the actress who once played Karen on “The Office” and is now playing a part-black woman on the new show “BlackAF” on Netflix. The backlash stems from the “seeming” reality that Rashida Jones is a white woman playing the role of a part-black woman. This isContinue reading “Rashida Jones’s Race – Does It Matter?”

Why Brian Dennehy’s Legacy Will Be Meaningless

Today the world lost a profound actor on the stage and in films. Brian Dennehy was 81 years old when he passed away today in New Haven, Connecticut. The award-winning actor’s death was indeed a tragedy and a significant loss to the acting world. Many people were inspired by his work and no doubt someContinue reading “Why Brian Dennehy’s Legacy Will Be Meaningless”

What Kobe Bryant’s Death Tells Us All

Kobe Bryant was a good man no doubt. He affected the lives of thousands of people, maybe millions. Mostly in a positive way. His death and the fairly young age of 41 was indeed a tragedy. But death for anyone, whether they’re a celebrity or not, should not come as a surprise. After all, deathContinue reading “What Kobe Bryant’s Death Tells Us All”

Stay Away from Nike Products and Here’s Why!

We’ve all seen the famous check mark logo that is the Nike brand. We’ve seen it on shoes, on t-shirts, in malls, and even on our TV screens. It’s a widely known brand. But did you know the famous check mark logo is also rooted in polytheistic symbolism? Yes, it’s true. Nike was the so-calledContinue reading “Stay Away from Nike Products and Here’s Why!”